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   Khao-Khad Views Tower
Catagorize: Landmarks and Memorials
Khao-Khad Views Tower is another popular view point among tourists. They always make a visit to capture the impressive scenery at this tower. From this tower, tourists can enjoy the 360-degree view such as Chalong bay, Panwa cape, Sire island, Bon island, tiny and large islands around Phuket including Phuket city. This tower was built according to Vichit district office project. It is believed that seeing at the peak of this tower will give one the chance to savor the air lingered around. The irresistible picturesque view always tempts tourists to take photos. If you are lucky enough, you may have a chance to experience fog. As the cape is around 3 or 4-storey building high, only those who are healthy and own strong will can reach the peak. There are hundreds of stairs waiting for you ahead. In the past, the path to Khao-Khad cape was very steep. Therefore walking up and down was extremely dangerous. Another feature which added up the exhausted task was light-brown stone. This kind of rough stone was a major cause of slipping. Luckily, nowadays the path is improved into asphalt pathway in order to provide convenience and safety. The road is expanded and footpath is marked for those who like to exercise by walking

For those who travel to Khao-Khad cape by car, there is a convenient spacious parking lot provided. At the cape hill, there are souvenirs stalls and clean restrooms for service. Khao-Khad cape is located at Makham bay and Panwa cape. It is another viewpoint of Phuket province.