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  Wat Chedi Jed Yord
Catagorize: Temple
Contact: on the Super Highway (Chiang Mai-Lampang), Amphoe Mueang, Chiang Mai Tel. -

Wat Chedi Jed Yord

    Wat Chedi Jed Yord is located on Super Highway Road (Chiang Mai – Lam Pang), Chang Puak District, 4 kilometers from Chiang Mai city. The temple is one of the important and old temples in Chiang Mai.
This temple is similar to Wat Mahabodhi at Bodh Gaya in India. The podium of the stupa was decorated with angel statues. Outside the stupa was decorated with various angel statues in sitting cross-legged position and full-dressed standing. There is the Pagoda of King Ti Lokaraja. When King Ti Lokaraja died in 1487, Prince Yord Chiangrai, King Ti Lokaraja’s son, succeeded the throne and built the pagoda containing the cremains of his father. The next place is Sata Mahasathan, the seven significant places in the biography of the Buddha: Bodhi Throne, Animit Stupa, Ratana Jonggrom Stupa, Ratanakara Stupa, Achapal Nikrot Stupa, Raja Yatana Stupa, and Mujalinta Stupa. Nowadays, only Animit Stupa, Ratanakara Stupa, and Mujalinta Stupa remain in the temple.
The historical significance of this temple was in the era of King Ti Lokaraja when buddhism was flourishing, the King supported Singhol (Langkawong) Buddhism and Dhamma studies. The monks therefore specialized in Bali language. In 1477, a senior monk conference was held to revise the Tipikata at Wat Photaram Maha Vihara (Wat Jed Yord nowadays) which was completed in one year. This is the eighth time of the world Tipikata revision and the first time in of Tipikata revision in Thailand. This was the tradition of monks in Lanna.
Considering about the monastery, the first monastery of Wat Jed Yord was built at the place of King Yord Chiangrai cremation in the era of King Muang Kaew, the twelfth king of Mang Rai Dynasty and the son of King Ti Lokaraja. Behind the monastery is King Ti Lokaraja’s monumental stupa. It is obvious that Wat Chedi Jed Yord has a historical significance. The exquisite architecture of this temple is worth to respect and visit.

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th