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  Than Bok Khorani National Park
Catagorize: Green Travel, National Parks & Marine Reserves
Contact: 2/2 Moo 2 Tambon Ao Luek Tai, Amphoe Ao Luek, Krabi Tel. +66 7568 1071, +66 7568 2058, +66 2562 0760

    Than Bok Khorani National Park, whose size counts in total of 37.5 Rai of Ao Luek Tay subdistrict, covers an abundance of natural trekking routes, waterfalls, mangrove forests, Lot Cave, Phi Hua To Cave and its prehistoric drawing and Hong archipelago, the beach paradise. Rare floras like wild gardenias, Asoka and Apocynaceae are sprinkled around the swim-able Bok Khorani Pond, a dazzling emerald pool that the park is named after. It is definitely a go-to destination for eco-tourism, perfect for aquatic activities like snorkeling, canoeing or just a day trip of sightseeing. Than Bok Khorani National Park’s headquarters are just a km away from a sub district of Ao Luek Nuea Market Intersection on Ao Luk Sak Road. 

Other attractions are all natural sights: limestone cliff caves, boat-only accessed islands and pristine mangrove forest. More attractions include:

●       Than Bokkharani: Formerly known as Than Asok due to its location where Asok trees or Asoka were previously grown, this emerald stream is just nearby the National Park office. It situates among a shady lush greens with pools of cascades. On the pond’s north end, there’s a wooden carve replica of Lord Buddha’s footprint along with a Chao Po Yuan-To Chong shrine.

●       Lot and Phi Hua To Caves: Prepared to be enthralled by stalactite and stalagmites in a tunnel beneath a limestone mountain or walk just about 500 meters to enjoy an archaeological discovery among oversized human skulls, prehistoric paintings and piles of seashells in Phi Hua To Cave or known as Hua Kalok Cave. Rental canoes at Bo Tho Pier for a mangrove trip are available for 1,200 THB per person, inclusive of lunch.

○       Getting there: 6 km from the National Park. Take Ao Luek- Laem Sak Route for 2 km and take a right turn at Bo Tha Pier. Then jump on a 15-minute long tail boat ride, passing mangrove forests along Tha Prang canal.

●       Chao Le Cave: Located on western Laem Sak, the cave is embraced by the bay, mountain cliffs and groups of islands. The cave interior is an archaeological preciousness with prehistoric paintings of living creatures like humans and animals as well as obscure geometric signs dated back approximately in the following era of what happened in Phi Hua To Cave. To see the painting or its amazing stalactite and stalagmites, a 10-15 minute trip on canoes and rental boats is accessible from Laem Sak.

●       Karot/Garose island: Canoeing is available on this island, sitting on the eastern end of Laem Sak.

●       Dang Island: The 25-meter white sandy beach is home to the 70-meter wide and 20-meter high caves, and a diving heaven with multi-colored corals.


●       Hong Islands: A cluster of islands that are just perfect for diving and fishing: Lao, Saka, Lao Riam, Pakka, and Lao Lading islands but Hong or Lao Pile is the biggest of all in the South. Most are limestone with glistening clear turquoise, white sandy beaches accompanied by deep and shallow coral reefs. A renowned summer paradise, Hong is as well known as an adventurous challenge for hiking, boasting hiking passage of 400 meters, and is a suitable spot for canoe too. 

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th