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  Kanchanaburi City Gate
Catagorize: Landmarks and Memorials

Kanchanaburi City Gate is located at Pakprak sub-district. It is an ancient style gate built since 1831 with bricks and cement in pre-Rattanakosin period during the reign of King Rama III.  In the meantime,Kanchanaburi city was being moved from the old location at Lad Yah to Pakprak due to better strategic battle position and more convenient trading with other cities.

Kanchanaburi brick city wall has sema built on top of it as boundary marker symbol. The wall stretches out in rectangular, 210 meter wide and 480 meter long. There are fortresses on every corner and one in the middle of front wall and another in the middle of back wall. There are 8 entrances including 6 city gates and 2 topless doors. Nowadays the wall and gates are almost completely ruined except the front gate facing KhwaeYai River and the nearby wall. A restoration was done once in 2006. Behind the city gate stands a King Rama III monument. 


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