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Catagorize: Caves , National Parks & Marine Reserves

Tham Than Lot National Park’s other name is Chalerm Rattanakosin National Park. There are many interesting tourist points such as jungle route. The route is divided into 2 routes. 

The first route is from Than Lot Noi Cave to Than Lot Yai Cave. There are many stalagmites and a small canal named “Lam Kraproi” in Than Lot Noi Cave. About 1.5 kilometers after passing Than Lot Noi Cave, there is Trai Trung Waterfall. Than Lot Yai Cave is about 1 kilometer from the waterfall. The total length of the route is 2.5 kilometers. 

The second route is to Than Ngoen Waterfall and Than Thong Waterfall. The route is about 1.8 kilometers. Than Ngoen Waterfall is a small waterfall that has 7 levels. It is about 35 minutes to travel from the national park’s bureau to the first level of this waterfall. Than Thong Waterfall is a large waterfall that has 15 levels. It is only about 25 minutes to travel from the national park’s bureau to the first level of this waterfall.

Chalerm Rattanakosin National Park is about 97 kilometer from Kanchanaburi city. Go ahead from Kanchanaburi city for about 7 kilometers, turn right to Kanchanaburi-Toongmasang Route and go ahead for about 23 kilometers. Then turn to the Public Highway No. 3086 and pass Bo Ploy District to Nong Prue Sub-District. When arrive at Nong Prue Market, there is a sign showing the way to Than Lot Cave which is 19 kilometers. The route is paved. Travelling by public transportation, there are buses from Kanchanaburi bus terminal to Nong Prue Market. Then rent a minibus to the national park. The ticket is 20 baht for Thai adults, 10 baht for Thai children, 200 baht for foreign adults, and 100 baht for foreign children. Accommodation and camping in the national park are provided. For more information, please contact Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation tel.02-562-0760.


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th