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Catagorize: Museums
Sirindhorn Museum is located near the dinosaur fossil exploration site, Wat Pa Sakkawan. It is the location for the geology and the fossil exhibition with the use of technology to describe the history of each fossil. It is divided into 9 zones which are the origin of the earth and universe, the origin of human being, Paleozoeic Era (the era of the human development), Mesozoeic Era (the era of dinosaurs and reptiles), Thai Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs’ Lifestyles, Bring back the dinosaurs, Zenoloeic Era (the era of mammals), the story of human beings. Moreover, this museum also offers youth camp, meeting room, restaurants and souvenirs shop to service the tourists.

The dinosaur fossils at Phu Kum Khao, Amphur Sahatkan, Kalasin was discovered by Father Vichitsahatkun, the abbot of Wat Sakkawan. In year 1994, the excavation system by the Department of Mineral Resources began. Since then, Phu Kum Khao was considered as the resources of the herbivore dinosaurs in Thailand. Almost the whole body of dinosaur bones were discovered here. The bones were inside the soil layer on Phu Kum Khao with the height at 240 meters. Up until now, there are more than 700 dinosaur bones discovered which are legs, hip, neck and tail of more than 7 dinosaurs. Moreover, the teeth of herbivore and carnivore dinosaurs were also discovered. From the bones, it was considered the Phuwiangosaurus sirindhornae and another herbivore dinosaur which is perceived to be a new type in the world.

Originally, the Sirindhorn Museum is the Phu Kum Khao Dinosaur Research Center which has been operated since 1995. It is the center to do research and collect the dinosaur fossils and distribute the information to the tourists in form of a museum. Nowadays, there are more than 200K – 300K tourists annually.
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