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    Muang Trai Trung is located at Ban Wang Pratard, Tambon Trai Trung on the high way no. 1 (Kamphaeng Phet-Nakorn Sawan). It is 18 kilometers away from Kamphaeng Phet (coming from Phahonyothin Road). Turn left towards Wang Pratard temple, go straight for a kilometer, then the place can be seen on the right of Ping river. According to Singhonwatguman Legend, in 1004, King Chaisiri of Chiang Rai evacuated his people to this Muang Trai Trung for a shelter during wartime. It was regarded as a temporary residence. However, it was later on occupied by more people, which then turn this town into a city. At present, the remains of the city wall and stupa can still be seen.
    Characteristic of this city: the remains of the city wall can still be seen. The area of the town is in a shape of rectangular, in parallel to the river Ping. It is 450 meter wide and 800 meter long. There are two ways to enter the city. Inside the wall, there are two important temples, which are Wat Jed Yod and Wat Phra Prang. To the south outside the city wall, there is a big temple called, Wat Wang Pratard. At this temple, there is a stupa decorated in Thai style or Phoon Kao Bin style. There are small pagodas guarding around this one in four directions. Archaeological excavation found small old stone beads, ancient Roman lamp and shards of porcelian scattered inside the temple.

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