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  Wat Prasat Local Museum
Catagorize: Museums
Contact: Tel. 0 5574 0020

Wat Prasat Local Museum

     It is located at Moo 2, Ban Khon Dai, Tambol Khon Thee, around 22 kilometers off the heart of Kham Phang Phet Province. Inside the museum is a great variety of Buddha’s images, including those in the period of Sukhothai, Ayudhaya and Chinaware. Moreover, there is a building for collecting the villagers’ everyday tools from the past to present, such as fishing equipments, basketworks, Thai herbal medicine’s reference books.

     Wat Prasat is located in Ban Khon Dai. It is an ancient temple situated in area of Khon Thee ancient. Viharn Luang Phor Toh is inside the temple. It is an old monastery and covered with the roof in which a large stuccowork Buddha’s image built in Sakul Chang Kham Pheang Phet’s style. Kham Phang Phet’s people call it “Luang Phor Toh”, of which the plaster base installs several small Buddha’s images. Additionally, there are 2 remarkable ancient pagodas; the one was restored then layered with another pagoda and the other, which hasn’t been restored, is called “Prasat”. It is supposed that the style of Pagoda is in style of a castle and the name originates from this. The slate arches in Sakul Chang Kham Phaeng Phet style are also put in the area of the temple. Wat Kha Tueng was discovered as debris of the temple.
     Tambol Khon Tee’s Local Museum is also included inside the temple, exhibiting Khon’s people around-100-year everyday equipment of the local for enhancing understanding of their cultures and local wisdom.

     The Museum is opened every day from 9 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. For more information, you can contact Sub-district Administrative Organization (SAO) or call 055 740 020.

Website: http://www.kalasin.go.th