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Catagorize: Museums

Khon Kaen Art and Cultural Centre is located in the compound of Khon Kaen University. It started from the Isan Culture Conservation Centre project by the Faculty of Education which later became Khon Kaen University’s Office of Cultural Promotion. Nowadays, the place is formed as Art and Cultural Centre.  Timeline of the establishment of the Art and Cultural Centre is as follows;

-In 1973, Saisuree Chutikul, the dean of Faculty of Education, initiated the Isan Culture Conservation Centre project which collected ancient artifacts and published a cultural book, named “Pa Isan” (Isan fabrics), sponsored by Ford Foundation.  

-In 1978, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was formed and the faculty’s dean (Prof. Vichit Sisa-an) established a project aiming to conserve the culture, named “Isan Culture Conservation Centre.”

-In 1979, the center was registered by the Ministry of Education as another Office of Cultural Promotion of Khon Kaen Province. The center’s name therefore was changed into “Khon Kaen Cultural Centre,” meaning that the university was responsible in projects of both the province and the university. The Isan Culture Conservation Centre project functioned as the provincial cultural center, following the ministry’s demand, and received a budget from the Department of Culture Promotion. Later, the Khon Kaen Cultural Centre was moved to be the responsibility of Kanlayanawat School, under the Ministry of Education. Therefore, Isan Culture Conservation Centre could function separately. 

-In 1982, the university was approved to have the Isan Culture Conservation Centre project added to the fifth National Economic and Social Development Plan. However, the project could not be formed as an office because it was not approved by the Office of the Public Sector Development. 

-In 1995, Isan Culture Conservation Centre was renamed into “Office of Cultural Promotion.”

-In 1996, in the period of Prime Minister, Chuan Leekpai, the government approved the budget for the construction of Art and Cultural Centre at Khon Kaen University. Located in the west of Si Than Lake, the Isan barn-style building features exhibitions on local cultural activities and other related knowledge and outdoor stage for cultural performances. The Art and Cultural Centre project took approximately 54.5 million baht of budget. 

-In 1998, the Art and Cultural Centre was open by Si Than Lake and the office for the center was formed under the Office of Cultural Promotion which was later renamed into Office of Culture. The government also approved the budget for the construction of the museum called “Isan Nithat” inside the center which cost approximately 9 million baht. 


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