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  Pha Nok Kao (The Cliff of Owl)
Catagorize: Mountain (Doi)
Contact: It is 125 kilometres from downtown Khon Kaen. Tel. -

Pha Nok Kao (The Cliff of Owl) is the high mountain standing elegantly stands along the Pong Canal which is 125 kilometers away from the city center of Khon Khan Province (according to the decarmation of the Cliff of Owl map which is located within the area of Khon Khan Province and Loei Province) through the highway of Khon Khan-Wang Sa-Poong route (No.2 and 201). The Cliff of Owl is on the left side of Baan Dong Lan. It is a black mountain, slightly covered with plants. To see the shape of the Cliff of Owl, you have to walk into the center of orchard culture, maintenance division of Forestry Department, located at the opposite side. Next to the peak shape of the mountain, you will see like a crest, and downwards you will see the circular shape like the bird head, and in the middle, you will see the orange broken rock as the shape of eyes, and the bottom, you will see like a shape of bird’ s spreading wings.


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th.