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  Ubol Ratana Dam
Catagorize: Dam,Reservoir, Lake
Contact: Built across the Nam Phong River Tambon Khern Ubolratana, Amphoe Ubonratana, Khon Kaen Tel. +66 4344 6231

Ubol Ratana Dam impounds Nam Phong Stream, a tributary of Chi River, located in the area called Phong Neeb, in Khuean Ubolratana Sub-district, Ubolratana District, approximately 50 kilometers north of Khon Kaen town. To get there, take Mittraphap Road, Nakhon Ratchasima – Nong Khai route. At the 25th kilometer, proceed onto Highway No. 2109 for about 25 kilometers and you will arrive at the Ubol Ratana Dam. It is Thailand’s second multi-purpose dam, established after the Bhumibol Dam, and also the first dam for electricity generation of the Northeastern region. It is an earth core rockfill dam which is 885 meters long and 32 meters high. Its reservoir has a maximum storage capacity of 2,559,000 cubic meters and can generate 55 million kilowatts of electricity per hour. The establishment of the dam is a product of Nam Phong Project in 1960, with the cooperation of United Nations Special Fund. Its foundation stone laying ceremony was organized on May 10, 1964 and the construction was finished in 1965. As the area of the dam is where Nam Phong Stream flowing through a valley as if the river is pinched by Phu Phan Mountains, local people call the dam, “Phong Neeb” (Neeb means “pinch” in Thai) after the geography of the area. On March 14, 1966, His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen, along with Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya, presided the inauguration ceremony of the Ubol Ratana Dam, which its name was given, in honor of Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya. Streams flowing into the dam include Nam Phong, Chern and Pha Niang, which are all originated from Phetchabun Mountains. Nam Phong and Chern streams meet and form Phong River which flows to the east, passing the valley of Phu Phan Mountains, and Highway No.2 (Mittraphap), and continues to the south onto Chi River, in the southeast of Khon Kaen Province. 


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