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Catagorize: Beaches & Bay
Contact: Khlong Khut, Tha Mai, Chanthaburi 22120, Thailand; 60 km away from downtown Chanthaburi. Tel. -

Chanthaburi Province is a seaside city in the east, 240 kilometers off Bangkok. There are various kinds of fruits. Moreover, there are several interesting tourist attractions such as mountains, forests, waterfalls, seasides and historical sites; therefore, Chanthaburi Province is visited by tourists who love endless lists of adventure. However, the most popular tourist attraction is Chao Laow Beach because of its attractive sea, pure water and peaceful atmosphere. The tourists travel there to admire scenery and sit back under coconut trees which are in tandem with one another along the way. Walking while fresh as cool breeze blows in the area of mountain ridge, Chao Laow Beach is quite joyful and delightful.

Owing to Chao Laow Beach covering non-hunting area in Koong Kraben, there is a flurry of aquatic for example; riding banana boat and diving for coral reefs. If the tourists do not want to get wet, there is a glass-bottom boat service to admire open sea and sea bed blissfully comfortable lodgings are also facilitated on the beach. The highlight of Chao Laow Beach is restaurants located along the beach. The restaurants choose fresh foods and choice ingredients for cooking at low price; for instance, shrimps, crabs, octopus, bass.

For those interested in Chao Laow Beach, they can travel by two ways. The first is before arriving Chanthaburi about 30 kilometers on Sukhumvit Road. Once arriving kilometers of 301, you have to turn right along the Highway Number 3399. At Ban Moodud, you will see a T-junction and turn left. Then you will see the direction to Chao Laow Beach 3 kilometers. Secondary, if the tourists leave from Chanthaburi city, before turn right into Highway Number 3147 by using Tha Chalab Road. Having passed Nuenwong camp, you have to drive along Thamai-Aow Koong Kraben Road, at the clock tower intersection though Chanthaburi Irrigation Project converging with Highway Number 3399. Finally turn left to Chao Laow Beach for about 15 kilometers, you will arrive the beach.



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