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  Khao Soi Dao Waterfall
Catagorize: Waterfalls
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Khao Soi Dao Waterfall is located in Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary, Soi Dao district. The waterfall sits 4 kilometers away from the wildlife sanctuary office and contains 16 tiers. There are a tremendous number of butterflies near the waterfall, so it is suitable to observe these creatures and study regional plants. Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary is home to mixed deciduous forest, dry dipterocarp forest and herbs, e.g. galingale. It is also known as Thailand’s greatest cardamom forest. Fauna commonly found in this area include Chanthaboon silver pheasant and Indochinese green short-tailed magpie. The general topography is imposing mountain ranges. Soi Dao Neua, the second highest peak, and Soi Dao Tay, the highest peak, soar 1,675 meters above sea level.

The lush and intact forest is the origin of several streams which join together in forming Khao Soi Dao waterfall. Visitors can trek through walking trails embraced by the dense forest to admire the beautiful waterfall, as well as, challenge yourself with waterfall climbs. There is a point where visitors are required to climb up a 20-meter cliff along Banyan trees’ aerial roots to find the spectacular views of the highest tier. Visitors are allowed to walk the distance of 2.5 kilometers, which takes about a couple of hours on their own from the ground to the 9th tier. However, it is necessary to have a forest ranger guided your walk from the 10th – 16th tier. 

Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary is located about 70 kilometers away from downtown. Drive along Highway 317, which heads to Sa Kao, until you pass Pong Nam Ron district. At KM 62 just before Pa-kong market, make a left turn. Then continue driving for 4 kilometers, you will find the wildlife sanctuary office. The distance of 5 kilometers from the office to Khao Soi Dao waterfall consists of 2.5 kilometers’ drive and 2 kilometers’ walk.

The wildlife sanctuary office provides residential quarters that can accommodate more than 20 people at a time. Air-conditioned quarters for 8 people are available as well. To make a reservation, please call (02) 5799446. It is necessary to request a letter of permission 15 days in advance. 


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th