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Contact: ???????????????????????? ??????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? 22000 Tel. 0 3939 1431

The establishment of the National Maritime Museum took place after the Fine Arts Department has set up the archeological operation base and the conserve center for underwater antiques at Tha Chalaep. Considering that there are more than ten thousand archeological ruins sunk under the sea, the Fine Arts Department had the National maritime Museum built in 1994 near Khai Noen Wong, Bang Kaja subdistrict. The museum is a twin buildings displaying an exhibition about Thailand’s naval commerce and a collection of historical records on underwater archeological studies. 

The exhibition consists of one main display hall and other smaller display sections. The main display hall on the 2nd floor features a life-sized model of argosy in which visitors are allowed to enter. The display is mainly about navigation and international maritime trading. Followings are examples of smaller display sections: the underwater archeological operation section which demonstrates the studies of artifacts under the sea; the vessels and mariners section which presents numerous kinds of rare ships; the antiques storage room where the ruins are displayed outside museum case; the section about important figures which features King Taksin’s heroic deeds; and lastly, the Chanthaburi’s highlights section which introduces gemstone mining, orchards, natural attractions, as well as the history of Chong people (the indigenous people of Chanthaburi). 

The National Maritime Museum is open on Wednesdays to Sundays from 9.00 am – 16.00 pm (except public holidays). The admission fee is 10 baht for adults and 30 baht for foreigners. To arrange a group visit, please contact 0 3939 1431 or fax 0 3939 1432. The museum can be reached from Mueang district by driving along Highway 3146 Ban Chalaep. After passing Eastern Hotel for 6 kilometers, you will find an intersection to Tha Mai district. Head that way for only about 400 meters and you will arrive at the museum. 

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th