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Wat Phai Lom is located on Trirat Road, Chanthanimit Sub-district, on the left side of Chanthaburi River, and is around 500 meters from K.P. Grand Hotel. This ancient temple, which covers 28 Rai, was constructed in 1777 and was granted Wisung Kham Sima (royal granting of the land) in 1782. It was also promoted to the third class royal temple of ordinary type in 1996.

The buildings left inside the temple, such as monk’s cell and teaching hall, have fretworks in the pattern of Kanompang Khing style and is decorated elegantly. All of these buildings are very ancient since they are almost a hundred years old.

As for the architectural pattern of the ordination hall, it is assumed that the hall has the same appearance with the buildings in the reign of King Rama III onwards. There is a wall made of glass surrounding the four sides, with the entrance on each side. The corridors behind it have 5 supporting posts without the capitals. The platform of the hall is a straight line and has small-sized stupas with twelve indented corners inside the glass wall. The mural paintings are the picture of trees, such as Bonsai trees and Chinese flowers, and portray the ten incarnations as well as the life of the Buddha. The paintings are still in a good condition and might be created from the reign of King Rama III onwards since there are many foreigners appeared in the paintings.

In addition, there is the largest reclining Buddha image in the east region of Thailand inside the image hall. The reclining Buddha image is made of gilded stucco. It is 32.49 meters wide in the lap and is 54.19 meters long. It is enshrined as a principal Buddha image in the image hall of Wat Phai Lom. The Buddha image was built in Rattanakosin style in 1976 by Mr. Manas Klin-khachorn from the Department of Fine Arts. Later, the crown prince Maha Vajiralongkorn came here to perform the ceremony of wearing the crown to the reclining Buddha image in the east region on August 16, 1988.

The tourists or those who are interested can visit the temple every day free of charge.

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th