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  Phraya Srisoontorn Voharn (Noi Ajarnrayangkul) Monument
Catagorize: Landmarks and Memorials
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Phraya Srisoontorn Voharn (Noi Ajarnrayangkul) (5 Jul 1813 – 16 Oct 1891) was born in Chachoengsao. He is the author of the first Thai textbook called “Bab Rian Luang” (The Royal Thai Textbook). This textbook was used in Pra Tamnak Suankularb school and was used as a prototype of many poems. The important role in his life was when he was appointed the leader to examine the poetry “Ramayana” that was carved around the Ubosot of Wat Prasrirattanasasdaram during the 100th anniversary of the Rattanakosin. He was also part of the poet team.


The monument of Praya Srisoontorn Voharn is located at Srisotorn Tadmai Road opposite Sammanakarn Bangpakong Park (Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University). The monument was built from metal with the height of 2.65 meters and was opened on 8th June 1999. Praya Srisoontorn Voharn is a Pad Riw villager and was born to be a linguistic. He worked closely with King Rama III to King Rama V. He composed many useful textbooks one of them is the Picharn Pisarn Karan, the most perfect Thai textbook for Thai student.


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