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  Teparaj Chalerm Prakiet Caladium Centre (Moo Baan Bonsri)
Catagorize: Educational gardens
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Teparaj Chalerm Prakiet Caladium Centre (Moo Baan Bonsri) is located around 10 kilometers away from the city centre or next to Klong Suan Market for 3 kilometers on the route to Chachoengsao. It is an agricultural trouism attraction of Padriew that the people have gathered to cultivate different types of caladium for their part-time job for people who are interested. Inside the Caladium Centre, it is separated into two sections. For the first section, the community has set up caladium planthouse showcase which is categorized in types and clearly names labeled. The second section is the caladium planthouse for distribution and demonstrating the producing procedure of good quality caladium.


Thep Raja Bonsri Village was established by the ideas of gathering members to a group with a total of 80 members by holding shares, one share per 10 Baht. In present day there is a total of 5,600 shares for the fund in managing the caladium planthouse as the learning center of the production and compile of caladium breeds from all over the country. There are both breeds for commercial and traditional breeds. And at the same time this place is the Caladium Production Development Centre and the prototype of agriculturists who are interested in planting caladium for profession and earn profit for their families. In addition, this is leading to the encouragement and expanding for larger calladium production in which will lead to conservation and improvement of Thailand’s calladium breeds to have more variety. Nonetheless, it is also the agricultural tourist attraction that can earn profit to the community too.


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