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Catagorize: Temple
Khaotapra was established as a Tambon in 1911. It was first governed by a headman Khun Pakdee Kongsinsatan. Due to the landscape and local settlement on hills, residents agreed to construct a temple for religious practices and named it after the hills. Later Tambon is named after the temple. Its location is on the plain. As a result, the area gives rise to farming and the locals have been deeply engaged in farming. Residences are grouped to the kinship system.

Wat Khaotapra, located on the Khaotapra foothills in Amphoe Muang Chainat, installs an imitated Buddha’s footprint. The temple inside possess a large square and monk’s houses, Ho Trai (a room where Buddhist texts are kept), a hall are in poor condition. A new hall is under construction. Moreover, the ubosot, well-maintained, doesn’t look worn-out like other structures. The Mondop is another structure that was built at the same time as previous ones as it was a structure with four gable ends and 4 entries surrounding the Mondop.

The principal Buddha’s image in the Mondop, looks normal if judged by its appearance but the difference is that the mural paintings tells several tales and is awash with vivid colors, especially its red color which strikes visitors’ eyes. In addition to the principal Buddha’s image, the Mondop installs imitated images of previous abbesses.

The brilliant paintings are painted and patterned with golden colors. When sun streams into the window, those colors are so bright and look wonderful. The Mondop installs Buddha’s images, joss stick pots and candlestick provided for paying respect. It is prohibited that joss sticks are lit inside. Near the Mondop, a Quan Yin’s image is also installed. On Maka Bucha Day, the temple organizes annually a Buddha’s footprint celebration festival.