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  Chulabhorn Dam / Nam Phrom Dam
Catagorize: Dam,Reservoir, Lake

Chulabhorn Dam (Nam Phrom Dam) is situated at Thung Phra sub-district to obstruct the Phrom River on the Khun Phai mountain range in the area called Phu Yuak. It is a rockfill dam with a core of clay packed with stones and pebbles. The crest of the dam is 700 metres long, while the height from its base is 70 metres and the width is 8 metres. It is a multi-purpose dam under the supervision of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT). It is aimed to generate electrical power for irrigation and agricultural purposes during the dry season. Its reservoir is also a breeding source of fresh-water fish.

The dam compound is beautiful scenery with cool weather throughout the year. It is an interesting attraction of Chaiyaphum. Accommodation and restaurants are also provided for tourists. There are boats for cruising in the reservoir, as well as, a sightseeing point above the dam. The Temperate Plants Experimental Centre and observatory are also located here.

Tourist attractions within the Chulabhorn Dam are as follows:

The Replica of Phra Phutthasiri Sakkharat (Luangpho Chet Kasat) is a revered Buddha image enshrined at the left side of the upstream dam, opposite Chulabhorn Dam’s Park.

Chulabhorn Dam’s Parkcovers an area of approximately 41 rai, decorated as a preserved forest with various kinds of plants. There is also a Phrom Phitsamai pavilion for relaxation. The path through the park is paved with natural stones.

The 325-Million-Years Ancient Plantsare in the similar category of grass, comprising two main species: namely, Son Sam Roi Yot (Lycopodium) and Son Hang Ma or Ya Thot Plong (Horsetail or Equisetum).

Lup Khuan View Pavilionis a viewpoint with a height of more than 800 metres.

The Waterfront Ground by the Royal Residenceis surrounded by a serene atmosphere. From there, the crest of the dam and the reservoir can be admired.

To get there: From the centre of Chaiyaphum, take the Chaiyaphum – Chum Phae Road (Highway 201) to the Nong Song Hong Intersection. Turn left to Highway 2055 (Khon San district) for a total distance of 120 kilometres. Otherwise, take the Lom Sak – Chum Phae route (Highway12). At Khon San district, there is a crossroad to Chulabhorn Dam for a distance of 40 kilometres.


For information of the accommodation of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, please contact Tel. 0 4486 1668-9. For reservations of the accommodation within the Chulabhorn Dam’s Experiment and Training Station (Khon Kaen University), please contact Tel. 0 4338 4969 ext 2787.

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