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  Phu Laen Kha National Park
Catagorize: National Parks & Marine Reserves
Contact: - Tel. 0 4481 0902-3 , 0 2562 0760

Phu Laen Kha National Park covers an area of 148 square kilometres and four districts, namely, Mueang, Ban Khwao, Nong Bua Daeng and Kaset Sombun. The geographic condition of this area is a complex mountain range with both dense jungle and timber forests which are the watershed of streams that run into the Chi River. There are various natural distinguished points, such as cliff, mountain ridge, stone terrace, and rocks in strange shapes, as well as, interesting plants appropriate for a visit between May and December. The national park has arranged a natural study route passing various tourist attractions within the park – Pa Hin Ngam Chan Daeng; Phu Khi; Phu Kaset; Phu Om; Phu Khlo; Phu Klang; Dok Krachiao Field in Pa Hin Ngam Thung Khlong Chang; viewpoint of Lan Hin Rong Kla; viewpoint of Pa Hin Prasat; Pha Phae; Pratu Khlong (Natural Stone Archway); Pha Kluaimai or Orchid Cliffs; Tham Phra and Tham Kluea, Tat Ton Noi and Khao Khat and the Chi River.  

Besides, there are many areas where strange shapes of rocks lie such as Pa Hin Ngam Prasat, Pa Hin Ngam Hong Fa, and a cliff which is a beautiful sightseeing point. 

The national park provides accommodation and camping site for visitors. For more information, please contact the Phu Laen Kha National Park, Huai Ton sub-district, Mueang district, Chaiyaphum, at Tel. 0 4481 0902-3, or the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department at Tel. 0 2562 0760, or at www.dnp.go.th.


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th