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Catagorize: National Parks & Marine Reserves

Tat Ton National Park covers the areas in Na Fai, Hin Ngom, Huai Ton and Na Sieo sub-districts of Mueang district, Chaiyaphum province. It is a part of Phu Laen Kha mountain range covering an area of 135,737.50 rai or about 217 square kilometers. It is also a part of significant water sources of Chaiyaphum – Lam Pa Thao and Chi. There are many beautiful waterfalls such as Tat Ton, Tat Fa and Pha Iang. Due to their steep and complex mountains sloping to the south and a long mountain ridge from Prachin Buri passing Khao Yai and Chaiyaphum to Loei, Tat Ton National Park is a rain shadow with quite high temperature. However, as a result of fertile forests, the park is considerably cool.  

Important plants consist of dry dipterocarp and dry evergreen forests. Plants in the forests include Siamese Sal, Burmese Sal, Dipterocarpus tuberculatus Roxb, wild almond, tummy-wood, shorea, vanish tree, Burmese rosewood, craib, yang, mesawa, iron wood etc. The undergrowth is mostly Ya Phek (Vietnamosasa pusilla), while wildlife are barking deer, wild boars, mongooses, rabbits, squirrels, treeshrews, red jungle fowls, and various kinds of birds. To get there: Take Highway 2159 and turn right to Highway 2051. The distance from the centre of the town to the Office of the National Park is approximately 21 kilometres. It is an asphalt road all the way.

Major tourist sites in the park include:

Tat Ton Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall near the park with water flowing all year round, particularly magnificent in the rainy season, in which it is particularly beautiful. It is about 6 m high and 50 m wide. The upper part is a stream flowing past a stone terrace, abundant with big trees on both sides and suitable for relaxing, admiring the nature, as well as, swimming. Within the area of the waterfall is also the Chaopho Tat Ton Shrine (Pu Duang Shrine).

Close to the Tat Ton Waterfall, officials stand by to guard tourists closely. Additionally, an activity court is provided to visitors in a group. Near the waterfall is a rock formation. Water flows throughout the year because water is released from Lam Pathao Dam. In a downstream waterfall, people can swim at some locations. Because of a lot of water in the rainy season, it may pose a danger to swimmers. 


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