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Catagorize: Landmarks and Memorials
Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge or the door that connects Andaman with Indochina is located at Tambol Ta Sai Luad at the end of highway number 105 (Tak-Maesod). This bridge was built to cross the Moey River between Amphur Mae Sod, Tak province and Muang Myawaddy, Myanmar with the length of 4.2 meters and width of 13 meters. It was also built to connect the Asian Highway from Thailand to Myanmar throughout south Asia to Middle East and Europe. It is compared like the door to Indochina and Andaman. Moey River is the boundary line of Thailand and Myanmar and is 327 kilometers long. This river is unique since it flows up north with the origin at Baan Nam Don (underground water), Amphur Pobpra. This river flows pass Amphur Mae Sod, Amphur Mae Ramad, Amphur Ta Song Yang, Baan Sob Moey, Amphur Mae Sariang and combines with Salawin River and flows to the Myanmar border at Mataban gulf.

The residents of Amphur Mae Sod can bring their cars across to Myanmar by applying for a temporary crossing card at the Mae Sod Immigration Center. The fees will have to be paid both for the Thai immigration and Myanmar immigration. For more information, contact Mae Sod Immigration Center at 0 5556 3002, 0 5556 300.

However, the Thai citizens who wish to travel there should check with the Immigration Center before travelling since there may be some changes. For foreigners, passports are required for stamping together with 10 dollars admission fee (subject to change) for 1 day trip (6 a.m. to 6 p.m.) Foreigners can not walk access more than 2 kilometers from the border. For more information, contact Mae Sod Immigration Center at 0 5556 3000, 0 5556 3002.