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  Jee Tek Lim Buddhist Place
Catagorize: Other religious & spiritural sites

Jee Tek Lim Buddhist Place is the center of Buddhism and Thai-Chinese Art and Cultural Promotion Center. It is located at 111 Baan Bang Hoi, Tombon Sri Chula, Amphur Muang, Nakorn Nayok Province. It is over 250 Rai or 400,000 square meters. “Jee Tek Lim” in Teochew Chinese language means Quan Yin’s, goddess of mercy, merit practice place or purple bamboo park. Therefore, this place is built according to Chinese architecture which is the enshrined place of the god of luck, Chai Xing Eae in Chumpol millionaire pose or Maharat, the god of giant, pose. The god sculpture, which is made from metal and 2-meter wide, is greatly worshipped by both Chinese and Thai-Chinese people. They believe that this god will bless them luck, prosperity and trading. In February 2004, which is the 222th Chinese New Year Celebration, the god was respectfully invited to be enshrined so people can worship him. Therefore the god is widely known and respected. At present, the Buddhist place has carved the biggest god sculpture made from giant green jade. Moreover, there are Quan Yim statue, Phra Sri Ariyamettrai statue, Phra Awaloki Tesuan Pankorn statue, Kuan U statue and the gods and goddesses being worshipped in Chinese community. Furthermore, inside the Buddhist place is the assembled of many beautiful viharas and full of mental value and cultural belief namely Sky and Land vihara (Tii Kong) based on the ancient Chinese belief that they should worship the sky and the land as the way they pay respect to the nature, vihara of Luck (Chai Xing Eae), Noppakrao Shansa Phaisatchaya Kururacha vihara, Quan Yim vihara and the area where you can receive the power from the sky and the land and worship the scared items. 

This place is well-known as the tourism attraction of culture, religion and belief in the midst of real Chinese atmosphere. 


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th