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  Heo Narok Waterfall
Catagorize: Waterfall
Heo Narok Waterfall is originated from Tadarn Canal. It is the biggest waterfall in Khao Yai National Park area and the central part of Thailand. It is the river source of many streams where the current flows in 90 degree angle. The waterfall is divided into 3-tiered; the first tiered is 60 meters high. The current then flows through the 2nd and 3rd levels with the total height of 100 meters; with this height, the sound of the waterfall then frightfully loud with spray of water everywhere. The visitors have to walk for 1 kilometer in the first tiered and then they will reach the stairs in another 200 meters for climbing down to the Heo Narok Waterfall’s view spot. The park provides metal staircases and a terrace for viewing the beautiful waterfall. Along the way, visitors will notice lime lines built for preventing elephants from falling down the path.

Technically, Heo Narok Waterfall is composed of 2-tiered falls; the 1st one is 50 meters high while the second level is higher than the first one. There are also another path to visit the national park in another cliff to experience the view of the second and third tiered. However, this trail is not open to public due to its entrance to the evergreen forest with wild animals wandering around. If the tourists want to visit this area, they need to contact the national park officer for safety reasons. The perfect time to visit the 2nd and 3rd tiered falls is during September or October because of the water level. Also, if you visit during 10 am, the sunlight will reflect on the spray of the water creating rainbows. The total height of the 2nd and 3rd level is approximately 150 meters.