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  Wat Yai Thakkhinaram
Catagorize: Temple, Historical Sites & Monuments

Situated by Nakhon Nayok river in Ban Yai sub-district, Mueang district, Nakhon Nayok province, this temple is the oldest temple in Nakhon Nayok according to a book named “Buddhism in Asia” composed by Phra Thamma Pidok (Prayut Payutto). It is said that, during Indochina war, Somdet Chao Phraya Maha Kasat Suek herded people from Vientiane toward southern Thailand and, at last, they decided to settle in this province, which is currently Mueang district, Nakhon Nayok province. At that time, they called here “Mu Ban Lao”, which had approximately 300-400 households. This temple was built by the people here in 1780 and was called Wat Yai Lao. However, its name was changed to “Wat Yai Thakkhinaram” until present. In addition, the Fine Arts Department registered Wat Yai Thakkinaram as archaeological site and also cooperate with the temple for the renovation on April 8 and finished on October 4, 2003. The main feature of this temple is “Phra Ubosot” which is 6m wide, 10.15m long and 10m high, surrounded by the outer wall built by craftsmen from Vientiane. The structure of this masonry Phra Ubosot is made from wood covered with tiles. Besides the wooden carved door, there is a giant sculpture standing akimbo with a cudgel in its hand and a wooden sculpture of Deva is in front of the door. At the outer wall there is an arch door in eastern art style. At the south part outside the outer wall is a Stupa built in twelve-indented corners which you can visit only when allowed by the abbot. Each side of this Stupa is protected by two door keepers wearing European military uniform with a cudgel in their hand. This is a spectacular blending of different cultures.

How to get there?

From Nakhon Nayok city, stay on highway 3049 and turn right to Ban Yai.  

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th