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  Phra That Phanom
Catagorize: Other religious & spiritural sites, Temple, Historical Sites & Monuments
Contact: Amphoe That Phanom, Nakhon Phanom Tel. +66 4251 3490-1

          It is a Phra That for those who are born in Sunday and it is installed inside Phra That Phanom Woramahaviharn Temple. An archaeological evidence of excavation concludes that the Phra That Phanaom was built during in 657-857 B.E. A legned goes that the establisher is Phra Maha Gussapa, 500 disciples and other kings. Inside is Buddha’s relics and architecture is influenced the style of Cambodia’s palace. In 1942, it was restored and promoted to be a highest royal temple as “Woramahaviharn”.

          Phra That Phanom is not only a spiritual center of Nakhon Phanom people but it was been highly respected by Thai people and Laos. For those who worship Phra That 7 times are beloved to be “Phra That’s son or daughter” and they will be fortunate and can make progress in life. Although those whose worship only one time, it is an auspicious sign for their life.

          On August 11th, 1975 (7.38 a.m.), Phra That fell down because of their dilapidation. At the same time, it was continually raining. People from all over the country donated their money, the government rebuilt original Phra That and the construction was completed on March 23rd, 1979. Apart from the Buddhist relices inside Phra That body, there are a number of precious; approximately 10,000 pieces. Especially, a golden tiered umbrella on the top of Phra That of which the gold weighs 110 kilometers. At present, the foundation measure 12.33 meters of each side is 53.60 meters in height and it stands magnificently in square shape. Phra That’s Worshipping Celebration starts from the tenth waxing moon of the third lunar month to the first waning every year.

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