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  Pra That Tha Uthen (Tha Uthen’s relic of Buddha)
Catagorize: religious
One of the famous Pra Thats(Buddha’s relics) which stands in Nakhon Panhom province for a long time. Beautiful, remarkable architectures, definitely a must-see place in Nakhon Panhom. Pra That Tha Uthen is kept in Wat Tha Uthen (Tha Uthen Temple), Amphoe Tha Uthen (Tha Uthen district). Built in 1912, the brick-and-plaster, square-shaped relic is a replica of Pra That Panhom but smaller and taller. The height from floor to the top is 66 meters, the width of the base is 13.5 meters per side. Inside Pra that contains Śarīra(s) (Buddhist relics) and Pra Orahunta Thats (Buddhist Saint’s relics) which were brought from Yangon, Myanmar. It also contains images of Buddha and valuable things donated by the believers. The Pra That consists of 3 floors, the first floor is a cave containing valuable things, the second floor is built just to cover the cave, and the third floor is a big pagoda with about 15 meters height. This Pra That is one of the places worthy of worship. There is a worship festival for the Pra That, from the 13th day of the 4th waxing moon to the 1st day of the 4th wanning moon annually. Pra That Tha Uthen is the Pra That for ones who were born on Fridays. People believe that ones who went to worship this Pra That will receive blessings which make their lives prosperous like the rising sun in the mornings. The Pra That and the God of Friday have something in common, they face the north of Pra That Panhom, which is the point of the compass of Shukra (the God of Friday). The right side of the Pra That is the east, adjacent to the Mekong River. Inside the temple, there is the first silk club of The Foundation of the Promotion of Supplementary Occupations and Related Techniques called “Wat That Prasit Handicrafts Center” which is a community enterprise.