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Catagorize: Outdoor activity and adventure sites, Parks & Gardens, Other nature sites
Contact: 169 Mu 2 Thanon Mittaphap, Amphoe Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130 Tel. +66 4432-8485. Ext. 116, +66 4432 8386, +66 4436 1770-4. Head Office tel. +66 25

Chokchai Farm is an agro-tourist attraction places. It is situated at Mittaphab – Pak Chong road between kilometer markers number 159-160. Chokchai Farm is actually a dairy farm. It is accepted as one of the biggest farm in Asia. The farm received the tourism industry award for excellence in agro tourism in 2002 which demonstrates its own potential and good management standard of the farm. Visitors will enjoy wandering around the big dairy farm with the professional tour guides that will show you around the place. Also, you will get to learn more about dairy farm business, farmer way of life, standardization of dairy farm as well as get to experience how to draw milk from cow, how to produce ice-cream, etc. Also, there is a variety of shows provided for visitors such as the cowboy show, coaching dog show, and so on. All these activities and shows provided by the farm are well taken care by the high standard Chokchai Dairy Farm. The lodges are as well provided.

Activities and shows will run as scheduled below.

- Watching video about the history of Chokchai farm together with rules and regulations of attending the farm tour.

- Sightseeing at the ancient machine and car museum. All these old cars had used since the starting period.

- Attending the show demonstrating the procedure of how to draw sperms from cows. Also, getting to learn more about the artificial insemination.

- Attending the show demonstrating how to draw milk from cow as well as experiencing the real way of doing it by yourself.

- Attending a tour at an ice-cream factory named UM-MILK that is managed by the farm and tasting a variety flavor of ice-cream.

- Getting on a tram that will bring you around the farm which lies on 80,000 acres land. Visitors will get to pass by cow cattle and learn more about the water management, animal food and plants, corn farming, sunflower farming, etc.

- Be amazed with the cowboy show and enjoy riding a horse and taking a picture with it. Visitors can as well enjoy taking pictures with sunflower farm and enjoy playing games.

- Watching a coaching dog show. Enjoy the dog and sheep show as well as the horse show.

- Last but not least, be pleased with the zoo inside the farm with a lot of activities for you to join such as feeding the deer and rabbits, feeding milk to baby cow and watching animal shows.

Admission fees: Adult 250 Baht / Child (height not above 140 cm.) 120 Baht [This price already includes the tram ride fee and the tour guide fee.] 

- Tuesday to Friday 10.00 / 14.00

- Saturday / Sunday / holiday 9.00/ 10.00 / 11.00 / 13.00 / 14.00 / 15.00

- Advanced booking can be done three days earlier at Bangkok. Tel. 0-2532-2846-8 ext.135 / 0-2523-9103.

- Chokchai Farm Tel. 0-4432-8485 ext. 116, 0-4432-8386 www.farmchokchai.com

Remarks: The schedules can be changed due to the suitability and it can be added on as well.

: Visitors must attend the farm as scheduled with the tour guide bring you around.

: The farm will be closed every Monday.

: The tour will take you two hours.

: The farm can only accept 80 people per round.

Website: http://www.farmchokchai.com