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  The memorial monument of Ms.Boonleau
Catagorize: Landmarks and Memorials
Contact: in Bun Luea Witthayanuson School in Tambon Khok Sung Tel. -

The memorial monument of Ms.Boonleau is located at the area of Boonleau Wittayanusorn School, Koksoong Subdistrict, Mueang District, 12.5 kilometers away from the city center of Nakorn Ratchasima Province through the highway no.205 (Suranarai Road), Nakorn Ratchasima-Chaiyaphum route. The Nakorn Ratchasima people together built it and held the opening ceremony on the 6th of July, 2529 B.E. to recall the bravery of her and other forefather of Nakorn Ratchasima people that sacrifice their lives to protect the country at the time of Toong Samrith battle in 2369 B.E. It is considered as another memorial monument to which the Nakorn Ratchasima highly pay respect.

On the opening ceremony, your excellency General Prem Tinsulanonda, who served as the Prime Minister of Thailand at that time, was the presiding over the ceremony and announced that the 4th of March of every year would be the day for eulogizing the bravery of Ms.Boonleau. In the day, the provincial governor, government officer, people together eulogize together with change the clothes, the one that is brocade worn over the trunks, with color that matches with each year, pay homage with garland and wreath at the memorial monument of Ms.Boonleau.


History and the bravery of Ms.Boonleau

Ms.Boonleau is a daughter of the great Chareon, a committee of Nakorn Ratchasima. The family was close to and so much respected to Lord Deputy Governor of Nakorn Ratchasima and Lady Mo. Moreover, since the Lord Deputy Governor of Nakorn Ratchasima and Lady Mo did not have a child, they loved and adored Ms.Boonleau as their blood-relative nephew. 

In 2369 B.E. Chao Anuwong of Wiang Chan led the army to Thailand through the area of Nakorn Ratchasima, at the same time, the Deputy Governor and the governor did not stay at the city since the order to lead the army to Bangkok for fighting with British army and for business affair at Kukan city respectively. Chao Anuwong, thus, led the army to seize Nakorn Ratchasima city easily, and attained the people as the captives and took them to Wiang Chan including Lady Mo and Ms.Boonleau.

During the time when the army of Chao Anuwong and Lao soldiers stayed camping on the way through Wiang Chan at Toong Samrith, Nakorn Ratchasima on the 4th March, 2369 B.E., Lady Mo and Ms.Boonleau and the Great Narongsongkram, a leader of local people,  together, contrived to make Lao soldiers drunk, then when almost of they got drunk and the time came, the people including men and women took their weapons and attacked them back causing a lot of the soldiers died, at last they could secure the victory for Nakorn Ratchasima successfully.

At that time, Ms.Boonleau sacrificed her life by bringing fire to distract soldiers through the groups of carts containing dynamites of the Lao army to make them explode. With her courageous decision, she impresses in unforgettable memory of people from generation to generation.

Later, the official considers the 4th of March of every year as the Day of voluntarily nation protection.


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