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  The memorial monument of Thao Suranari (Lady Mo)
Catagorize: Landmarks and Memorials
Contact: located in centre of Nakhon Ratchasima city Tel. -

When Thao Suranari died in 2395 B.B. when she was 81 years old, Chao Phraya Mahitsarathibodee who was her husband conducted her funeral, then he built the Chedi to enshire her relics at Salaloi Temple built by Thao Suranari. Later, the chedi got ruined, Major General Phraya Singhasani (Sa-ard Singhasani), when he was Phraya Prasithisalakarn, intendency official government, acted as the regency of Nakorn Ratchasima, Privy Councillor, Minister donated money for a small hall foundation to enshrine the relics of Thao Suranari at Klang Temple (Narai Maharach Temple), the temple was completely built on the 7th June, 2442 B.E.

Later, the hall also got ruined, accompanying with the fact that it was built in the narrow area that did not appropriate for her prestige. Phraya Kamthornpayaptis (Dis Intharasoros), who was the governor of Nakorn Ratchasima, Colonel Phra Reang Rukkapajjamitra (Thong Raksangob), Commander of provincial army officers together with official government and the Nakorn Ratchasima people built the memorial monument of Thao Suranari with bronze, in that case, the Fine Arts Department was appointed Professor Silpa Bhirasri as the designer together with Phra Thevabhinimmitra (Chai Tiemsilapachai). It became the famous sculpture of the period of Field Marshal P. Pibulsonggram.

The relics of Thao Suranari was enshrined at the basement and placed at the front of the Chumphon door. The monument was molded with bronze which is 1.85 meters high and 325 kilograms weight. It is on the Paitee base with square base reducing the size of an angle to twelve angles. The sculpture is dressed with the uniform bestowed on her, in the attitude of standing with right hand holding sword with its tail pointing to the floor and the left hand placed on her waist. Her face turns to the West which is the location of Bangkok. It is considered as the first memorial monument of female common person of Thailand. It was built sine 2476 B.E. and was held the opening ceremony on the 29th November, 2510.

In the ceremony, memorial coins were built by Somdet Maha Veerawong (Tisso Auan) was the presiding monk and the clergy of the Abbot Mun-the Abbot Sao attended in the incantation at Suthachida Temple. The Nakorn Ratchasima people love and highly value the coin so much because they believe that they are the coin of victory for dignity of country and praise Thao Suranari who is an eternal heroine. The Fine Arts Department announced the monument as the archeological site of the nation on the 3rd January, 2480 B.E. In 2510 B.E., the basement of the monument was ruined, the official government and the Nakorn Ratchasima people and Mr.Sawadiwong Patithat, who was the governor at that time, was the presiding over the basement building ceremony. The new basement was built replacing the old one on the 29th November 2510 B.E. when it was completely built.

The provincial official and other official including the local people together hold the celebration of the Day of Victory of Lady Mo as the annual ceremony of province in order to be an occasion for paying respect and praising the bravery of Lady Mo and other heroes and heroine of Nakorn Rathasima. The ceremony will be held on 23rd March- 3rd April of every year at the front of the town hall.


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