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Catagorize: Educational museums, Dam,Reservoir, Lake
Contact: Tel. 0-5627-4525

BuengBoraphet, or Boraphet Marsh, is the largest freshwater lake in Thailand, boasting over 200 square kilometers of land and earning it the moniker of “Northern Sea” or “Great Lake”. Almost 200 species of animals and plants have been found in the area, the rarest including the white-eyed river martin and the Siamese Tiger Fish. In March, fluttering grebes migrate to the lake, also home to Asian Open Bills and Pheasant-Winged Jacanas.

The nearby BuengBoraphet Waterfowls Park, where hunting is prohibited, contains a nature study center for birdwatchers or the curious amateur. Also close by is the Bung Boraphet Fishery Development Station, where visitors can observe a crocodile breeding pond. Bird-watching tours as well as boat tours are also available.

To get to the BuengBoraphet Waterfowls Park, take the NakhonSawan-ThaTako route (Highway No. 3001) for about 20 kilometers and turn left, arriving after four kilometers.

To get to the BuengBoraphet Fishery Development Station, take the NakhonSawan-Chum Saeng route (Highway No. 225) for about nine kilometers, then turn right for two kilometers.


The marsh is open every day, 24 hours a day. For more information, contact the BuengBoraphet Tourist Service Center at 0 5627 4525, its Call Center at 1131 or visit its website at www.buengboraphet.com.

Website: http://www.kiriwong.net