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  Chan Sen Ancient City and Chan Sen Museum
Catagorize: Historical Sites & Monuments, Museums
Contact: Mu 2 Tambon Chan Sen, Amphoe Takhli, Nakhon Sawan Tel. 0 5633 9116

Although Chansen City is submerged and is now a waterlogged valley, traces of its substantial 20-meter wide moat can still be seen and its many artifacts enjoyed at the nearby museum. Discoveries include earthenware such as amulets, dolls and lamps; stone items such as Buddhist wheels and forged metal earrings, spearheads and bronze Buddha images. The ancient city, founded during the Dvaravatii period, is called KhokChansen by locals.

To get there from Bangkok, take the Asian Highway and turn left into In Buri (Highway No. 11), then turn right into Road No. 3196.  From there, turn left at the WatChansen sign for about 1 kilometer, cross the railroad and turn left into WatChansen.

From NakhonSawan, take Highway No. 32 (Asian Highway) to Chai Nat for about 52 kilometers and turn left onto Highway No. 1 to AmphoeTakhli for 7 more kilometers. Then turn right onto Road No. 3196 for about 28 kilometers. Turn right at the WatChansen sign for about one kilometer and cross the railroad into WatChansen.

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