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Dechatiwong Bridge
Dechatiwong Bridge is a bridge across the Chao Phraya River located on Paholyothin Road at kilometer 340 before entering the central area of Nakhon Sawan province. The bridge is made of Ferro-concretes with 404.5 meters long, 6.50 meters wide and 1 meters footpath. The name of the bridge comes from the surname of Major Mom Krom Luang Dechatiwong, the chief of the highway in that period. The bridge has now become one of the most important bridges of Thailand in travelling to the northern part. It is also one of the most beautiful sightseeing views for admiring the two-color river.
Dechatiwong Bridge was built in 1942 by the highway department during Great East Asia War for connecting between the central part and the northern part replacing the boat transportation. The open ceremony was held on 1st September 1950 by Major Mom Luang Kri Dechatiwong, the chief of the highway. Later in 1969, the highway department was given the budget for the highway 32, Bang Pa In-Nakhon Sawan. Another bridge to match the old Dechatiwong Bridge was then constructed called Dechatiwong Bridge 2. The new bridge ran in parallel with the old one and was officially opened on 23 June 1971. Dechatiwong 3 Bridge was later constructed on 15 November 1989 and finished on 9 April 1993. Today, only Dechatiwong 2 and 3 are opened for transporting. Dechatiwong 1 Bridge is then only used for small vehicles with big vehicles restriction as it has already been used for over 60 years. Though the bridge has been reconstructed, it might collapse dues to heavy weight of the big vehicles. The bridge is also used in emergency cases such as accidents, traffics or seasonal holidays like Songkran Day or New Year period. The bridge is preserved as a historic monument holding important events of the province.    
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