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  Thepharak God - Tub Tim Goddess’s Shrine
Catagorize: religious & spiritural sites
It is located at 9, Tambol Khwae Yai, Amphoe Muang, Nakhonsawan Province. It is the spiritual center of Thai – Chinese people and many other races. People call Thepharak God – Tub Tim Goddess or Khwae Yai God’s Shrine, which is located along Chaophraya River, opposite with Paknam Pho Market which overlooks the river.

The history of the shrine is not clear whether who established it or where it originated from. According to the scripts on the old bell as a tribute from the Chinese to the King of Siam, Mr.Hong Piao Sae Phu of Khe Jia Sun Village, Amphoe Wun yi (Wun Song is the present name), Hainan Province, Republic of China. In 1870, the end of Qing Dynasty which was the same time of the early reign of King Rama V of Thailand, shrine is more than 130 years old. According to the belief and collected photos, the former shrine was made of wood of the elevated floor and was located on the riverbank in the cape of Chao Phraya River; therefore, the area of the shrine was gradually eroded by the vortex. The shrine is in poor condition and the restoration was completed by benevolent people. The plate reads Kow Gong Miew in Chinese and indicates the year of construction (1999). The reconstruction of shrine includes Guan Yu’s Shrine, located in the north of nearby area, later the council of the shrine has kept on restoring as until now it appears to be a cement structure.

In the center of the shrine, apart from the altar, is an original wood structure. It installs Bon Tao Gong God inside, Guan Yu on right, Tub Tim – Sawan Goddess on left. Many people come to pay a visit to these gods for protection and for good luck for the rest of the year. Especially, Chinese New Year Festival, organizers will hold the parade of these sacred statues around Paknam Pho Market for people to worship. Moreover, the council of the shrine will make the parade more enticing and attracting every year.

Travelling activities, for example, are the ceremony of worshiping the Thepharak God – Tub Tim Goddess, Sawan Goddess, Guan Yu God and other gods. Furthermore, on Chinese New Year Festival, good causes are organized, encouraging tourists to join the ceremony. Besides, a ceremony of walking through fire and the god’s miracle performance in medium of a horse is annually organized.

Opening Time
Every day from 5.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.
For more details, you can call. 056 514 982.

Driving from Nakhonsawan Province takes about 3 kilometers. You can also use High Way Number 225 Nakhonsawan – Chum Sang which will take about 2.3 kilometers then turn left about 1 kilometer you will see the shrine is located in the area of Chao Phraya River near Nan River side. In front of the dam, the ferry service from the market is available from 5.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.