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  Khun Nan National Park
Catagorize: National Parks & Marine Reserves
Contact: Nan 55220 Tel. +668 1960 5507

Khun Nan National Park means “mountains and streams that are the origin of Nan River”. The National Park is situated in the area of Pa Doi Phu Kha and Pa Pha Daeng National Conserved Forest in Tambol Dongphaya, Tambol Bor Gleur Tai, and Tambol Phoofa of Bor Gleur District, Nan Province. It was established as the 111th National Park in 2009.
The region consists of sloped multifarious mountains. The formations include the highest peak of Phee Pan Nam which is 1,745 metres from the mean sea level. Khun Nan National Park is the origin of Wa River which is a big and important river flowing through the region from north to south. The estimate distance is 25.5 kilometres with important streams flowing into Wa River including Nam Pad, Nam Sapun, Huay Tee, Huay Ha and Nam Paed.
Khun Nan National Park is one of the highest areas in the country. The average temperature, therefore, is 1-7 degree Celsius in winter and 28-33 degree Celsius in summer. The National Park is surrounded by forests and mountains and far from the city. As a result, the weather condition is pure, fresh and cool throughout a year.
Khun Nan National Park is covered by 90% of hill evergreen forest, 7% of dry evergreen forest and 3% of meadow. The commonly seen plants are various including perennial plants, red rubber, gum Benjamin, White Champaka, wild mango, java plum, mafai, lemongrass as well as bamboo, fern which is found in the area of Sapun waterfall and Wa River, orchid, cud, rattan palm etc.
Plenty of wildlife can be seen in Khun Nan National Park. They are barking deer, chamois, wild boars, civets, black bears, wild deer, pangolins, badgers, hedgehogs, squirrels, chipmunks, jungle fowls and other kinds of birds. Reptiles that are found are frogs, toads, different kinds of snakes, crabs, turtles etc.
To get there, From Amphoe Bo Kluea, Nan Province, use Highway 1081 (Bo Kluea - Chalerm Phra Kiat) about 4 kilometers to the head office of the National Park. For more information, contact 08-4483-7240.


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th