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  Nan Riverside Art Gallery
Catagorize: Art Galleries
Contact: Nan 55000 Tel. -

Nan Riverside Art Gallery is the large private art gallery which covers the area of 13 rai. It is located on the bank of Nan River. The entrance is just in front of highway (the kilometre marker 20), about 20 kilometres far from Nan city. It functions as a centre of Nan province’s art and culture. It was founded by Winai Prabripoo, a famous Thai artist and native of Nan, who loves art. The buildings were not modified from traditional houses or other buildings but it was his intention to build a new art gallery in the nature-friendly atmosphere for people who come to watch artworks to feel free and relaxed.
    There are two buildings inside the art gallery area. The first one is two-storey building. The large hall on the first floor hosts large exhibition. It can support more than 80-100 artworks. Therefore, the exhibition to be organized here must be national exhibition or the artist must have lots of art works to exhibit. The second floor is the place to exhibit art works and the accommodation of Master Winai.
    The other building was originally the old studio of Master Winai. It is located on the banks of the Nan River surrounded by various kinds of trees. Now the building is modified to be the exhibition room which opens for those who never had an opportunity to exhibit their works including students and artists in order to give encouragement to those who create art. Each work brought to exhibit must have unique, outstanding and attractive characteristics in itself. The artworks can be paintings, sculptures and mixed media which are all contemporary art.
    Most works are exhibited only to let the audience get into art as if they met and got to know more about a new friend whose name is art. Nan Riverside Art Gallery, moreover, is considered as the place to gather power of Nan local people. For example, when there are activities or the opening ceremonies of art exhibitions, each sector in Nan province will come and join including Community Coordination Center. This means the art gallery and other sectors in the province help each other do useful things to society.  The people then will come to support the art gallery. Both get benefits from their coordination.  
    Those who come to relax in Nan province should not miss visiting exhibitions of both well-known artists and local ones that will take turns to be in this art gallery. You can absorb the atmosphere among art works together with nice surroundings like beautiful gardens, interior design of the gallery building, Nan River and the enfolding hills. There are also applied art souvenirs to buy such as handmade serge, postcard, book and graphic art works of Master Winai.
    Nan Riverside Art Gallery opens every Thursday to Tuesday, except Wednesday. For more information, please contact 054 798 046, 081 898 2912, 081 322 912  


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th