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  Wat Chedi Hoi
Catagorize: Temple, Historical Sites & Monuments
Contact: Mu 4, Tambon Bo Ngoen, Ampho Lat Lum Kaeo, Pathum Thani Tel. -

WatChedi Hoi is a temple known for being the site where gigantic oyster fossils, calculated to be millions of years old, were discovered. The abbot, LuangphoThongklueng, built a Chedi (or stupa) at the entrance of the temple with the special fossils. Inside the compound is also a museum collecting Buddha images, artwork, antiques, and many old utensils such as Sam Khok water jars, pottery and engraved wood. An herb garden as well as turtle and fish ponds provide scenic spots to relax and even feed the animals.

WatChedi Hoi is located at Mu 4, Tambon Bo Ngoen. To get there, take Highway No. 341 (PathumThani-LatLumKaeo) to Km. 21-22, turning into the road for approximately 10 kilometers before reaching the temple.


WatChedi Hoi is open daily from 8.00 am-4.30 pm.

Website: http://www.impact.co.th