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  Wat Khao Angkarn
Catagorize: Temple
Wat Khao Angkarn is situated on the top of Angkarn Mountain with the height of approximately 320 meters above sea level. The temple is 3 kilometers away from Charoensuk Village in Charoensuk sub-district, Chalermprakiat district, Buriram province. The temple is estimated to be built in the same period as Phanom Rung Stone Castle or in the period where Khmer’s era was flourished. It is one of the most grand and beautiful temple in Buriram province. The temple holds many interesting details such as 3 churches where mural painting, English-version of Jataka stories, thousand-year-old Sema, Ganesha, 109 Buddha Statues, the sacred palace, Khmer’s graven image and etc. can be seen inside the buildings.

Khao Angkarn is an inactive volcano; the location of the temple is a crater of the volcano. It is assumed to be the location of archeological sites from Dvaravati period because of numerous Sema carving rocks. From the high-angle view, Khao Angkarn looks like the shape of fluttering or turning-upside-down Garuda looking to the south where Thavorn Village is located. As for the upper left wing, it is considered an antique and Buddha ashes facing the east which is where Charoensuk Village is located. The tail points to the north direction where Sawai Sor Village is located in Nangrong district, Buriram province. Khao Angkarn has an area of 90 square kilometers.