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  Chakrapong Reservoir
Catagorize: Dam,Reservoir, Lake
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Chakrapong Reservoir is a gigantic reservoir located at the foot of Khao Ito Hill, it preserves water from several sources flowing from the top of Khao Ito mountain. Therefore, it is full of water all year round. Chakrapong Resevoir is a soil dam, with approximately 16.50 meter height, and 740 meters length. From the entrance of the reservoir, turn left and drive up to the mountain top to get a striking panoramic view of the landscape. As you drive up around 11 kilometers (at 6 kilometer stone), you will encounter a wonder hillock or a fantastic hillock (which covers the distance around 150 meters). Just park the car and let go the gear, your car can run up the mountain itself. This phenomenon is caused by an illusion of the surrounding landscape. 

To travel to Chakrapong Reservoir, tourists can take personal cars, or bicycling along the dam ridge. The perfect time for a visit is during the morning. Especially in winter, visitors can admire the fog there, or in the evening, they can also see the golden sunlight. During the day, travelers can drop by at the restaurants while enjoying the surrounding nature from Chakrapong Reservoir.

There is an Information Center Service for tourists at Wanaputta Uttayan Park, Khao Ito Waterfall, attached to the reservoir.  It has a cool and shady atmosphere. The place provides a vast space for camping as well. Also, you can notice a small spirit house (San Phraphum) near the reservoir from the mound of stones. 

Transportation to Chakrapong Reservor:  From Phaholyothin Road- Highway no.1, drive onto Highway no.305 (Route: Rangsit – Ongkharak - Nakhon Nayok). Turn right onto Highway no.33 (Pak Plee, Nakhon Nayok- Prachantakham, Prachinburi). From Noen Hom intersection, drive on Highway no.33 (which leads to Sa Kaeo Province). It takes around 2.5 kilometers. Then, drive pass Wat Amattayaram for another kilometer. You will see the turn-left sign. As you reach 160-161 kilometer stone, continue driving for 2 kilometers, you will arrive at Chakrapong Reservoir.


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