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  Khao Lampi-Hat Thai Mueang National Park
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Khao Lam Pi-Hat Thai Mueang National Park Mu 5, Tambon Thai Mueang, Amphoe Thai Mueang, Phang Nga Tel. +66 7641 7206, +66 2562 0760

Khao Lam Pi – Hat Thai Mueang National Park was declared a national park on 14 April, 1986, and covers a total area of 72 square kilometres (45,000 rai). The national park has 2 sections; namely, the Lam Pi Range which comprises a long stretch of mountains of mostly igneous rocks of 60 – 140 million years old, and Hat Thai Mueang. The Lam Pi Range features evergreen forests of plant species like Yang (Dipterocarpus alatus), Takhian Thong (Hopea odorata), Krabak (Anisoptera costata), ferns, rattan, bamboo, etc. The topmost peak is Yot Khao Khamin, which is 622 metres high. Hat Thai Mueang features white sandy beaches in the west and a mangrove forest in the east, where the Park’s headquarters is situated. The fauna found within the Park include palm civet, sambar deer, red junglefowl, thick-billed pigeon, etc. Marine life includes stingray, mullet, flying fish, starfi sh, and small coral reefs.

Interesting Attractions within the National Park :

Hat Thai Muea is in the Thai Mueag Sanitary District, with a right turn for 1.5 kilometres and another 5 kilometres along the beach to the location of the Park’s headquarters. Hat Thai Mueang features a white sandy beach running parallel to the highway for a distance of more than 13 kilometres and crystal clear sea suitable for swimming. During November – February, sea turtles will come to lay their eggs on the beach. As such, there is an activity to watch spawning sea turtles on the nights of the waxing moon. During March every year when the eggs are hatched, the baby sea turtles will be released into the sea in a tradition called the “Sea Turtle Releasing Festival”.

Thung Sametis a cajuput forest covering an area of 1,000 rai located in the middle of Hat Thai Mueang. It features white powdery sand.

Namtok Ton Phrai is a massive waterfall originating from Khao Ton Yan Sai. The surrounding forests are shady with large trees. To get there, from Amphoe Thai Mueang, take Highway No. 4 and turn right between Km. 28 – 29 for another 7 kilometres.

Accommodation: The Park provides 8 bungalows for tourists, each accommodating 2 persons at 1,000 baht and tents for rent for 2-3 persons at 150 baht. A camping fee of 30 baht / person will be charged for visitors bringing their own tents. There are welfare food shops provided for tourists.