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  Mu Koh Similan National Park
Catagorize: Green Travel, Diving site, National Parks & Marine Reserves, Islands
Mu 1, Thap Lamu, Tambon Lam Kaen, Amphoe Thai Mueang, Phang-nga Tel. +66 7642 1365, +66 7659 5045, 0 2562 0760

Mu KohSimilan can be considered as an underwater heaven with an abundance of marine life, coral reefs, sea creatures, crystal clear water and white sandy beach. Similan is internationally recognized as the world’s top ten most beautiful deep water diving site. The sailboat rock, the symbol of Mu KohSimilan national park, is located on the Island 8 (Similan Island) which is very beautiful and regarded as a highlight of the national park.

Mu KohSimilan national park consists of high and steep granite mountains, beaches and several shapes of rock formation. Due to the location, the shorelines of each island are indented. The reason is because theouter archipelagos of the sea are heavily influenced by the tidal erosion. The sea there belongs to the Andaman Sea and the Eastern Indian Ocean. On the other hand, the continental shelf, which is adjacent to the western coastal line in Pang Nga province and Burma, parallels to the Nicobar Islands, the continental shelf of India. The beaches and sand dunes appearvery clean, white and powdery. Some hilly islands are quite steep. The highest peak may soar as high as 244 meters above mean sea level, while other flat islands are surrounded by sand dunes and coral reefs.

In terms of climate, summer begins in mid-February and ends in May, while rainy season is from mid-May until October. Average temperature is approximately 27 Celsius with very high relative humidity of 83% all year round. Annual rainfall is measured at 3,560 millimeters with an evaporation rate of 1,708 millimeters.

Due to the influence of South-West monsoon in rainy season, there are torrential rains and tempestuous seas. Mu KohSimilan national park is closed during that time of the year for safety reasons.

Off-season: 16 May – 31 October
High-season: 1 November – 15 May