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Catagorize: Village, Community
Contact: located at Mu 1, Tambon Chai Buri, Amphoe Chai Buri, Phatthalung. Tel. +66 7461 4512-3

Coconut Shell Center, Phattalung is located at Moo 1, TambolChaiburi, AmphurMuang, Phattalung which is around 6 kilometers away from the city. It is the famous producer of coconut shell founded by Mr.PluemChookong or “Uncle Pluem”, the great teacher of coconut shell in the southern region.

Coconut shell after the flesh inside is eaten, has no use anymore. The ancient people usually use it as a fuel or applied it as a kitchenware such as ladle, bowl, plate etc. The importance of the coconut shell is not much in the ancient time.

However, for Uncle Pluem, coconut shell is a precious material that can be applied into many things. In year 1993, the Coconut Shell Center can generate 3.4 million THB of income and was named “The Million Baht Village”. The tourists who travel here will see the production process of many things such as kitchenware, home decoration appliants. Therefore, if you have a chance, you should not miss this place. Moreover, do not forget to buy souvenirs for your friends and families.

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th