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  Phraiwan Waterfall
Catagorize: Waterfalls
Phrai Wan Waterfall is a huge waterfall covered with different kinds of trees in the calm atmosphere. It is suitable for those who want to relax. The water falls pretty fast from the high cliff so it is recommended swimming in the lowest layer. In the vicinity, there are also a restaurant and parking lot provided for tourists.

From Muaeng District in Patthalung, use highway no.4 and drive on to Kong Lha T-junction. Then, turn right to highway no.4133 and drive on for 29 km. You will see the sign leading to the waterfall. Drive for 3 km where you will get to feel the nature of open fields and rubber plantations. The trip will definitely be enjoyable!

Moreover, minibuses are also provided for tourists. You can wait for the Phrai Wan Waterfall-Patthalung line nearby Patthalung train station at 7.00-17.00 everyday. The bus comes every 15 minutes. The last bus from Phrai Wan Waterfall is at 15.00.