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  Phattalung Governors' Residence
Catagorize: Historical Houses
Contact: - Tel. +66 7423 1055, +66 7423 1055, +66 7423 8518

PhattalungGovernors Residence is located at Apaiapirak Road, TambolLampam, AmphurMuang, Pattalung. It is around 6 kilometers away from the city. Formerly, this residence was used for the government service purpose and was also the residence of the Phattalung ruler. It is very beautiful and also considered as an important tourist attraction of this province.

The PhattalungGovernors Residence is also known as “Wangkao-Wangmai” (old palace – new palace) since it consisted of an old palace and a new palace in the same area. For the old palace, it was built during the Rattanakosin Kingdom Of Phraya Phattalung (NoiChantarojwong). The new palace is located in the south next to the Lampam canal. It was built in 1889 by Phraya ApaiborirakChakravichitpipitPakdee (Nate Chantarojwong), the son of Phraya Phattalung which was the ruler during that period. Nowadays, the “Chantarojwong” family offered the old palace to the government and the Fine Arts Department. It was registered on 16th July 1992 while the new palace was registered before on 31st May 1983.

Here at this palace, the tourists will see the ancient Thai architectural style that is luxurious as the owner. The old palace was built according to the Thai house style combining the central and southern arts style. There is a big house in the middle. The new palace was built afterwards with 5 Thai style houses divided into sleeping houses and kitchen. The tourists are allowed to access inside. Apart from the houses, there are also the Thai Sala on the river bank and Phattalung boat which is an ancient boat since the reign of King Rama V.

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