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  Chao Samran Beach
Catagorize: Beaches & Bay
Chaosamran Beach is located 15 kilometers from the city of Petchaburi. It used to be a popular beach since the old time. History said that, King Naraesuan used to come here with King Ekatodsarot and loved the beauty of this beach. They stayed here for a few days so the villagers named this beach Chaosamran (meaning fun). 7 kilometers from Chaosamran Beach is the Puektian Beach which is another tourist attraction in Petchaburi. Chaosamran Beach was the most popular during the era of King Rama VI. The King ordered to build “Bang Talu Royal Camp” according to the name of the district with the palace on the beach called “Chaosamran Beach Palace”. After the King recovered from the sickness, he changed the name of the district to Chaosamran Beach district. After that at this area there seems to be a lot of mosquitos resulting the courtiers complaint. Therefore, the King ordered to move to the end of the beach.

This beach has a nice atmosphere and is really suitable for relaxation. It is also complete with accommodation and convenient store. The sea is also clean with full abundant marine animals and delicate sand. There is also a fisherman village nearby. It is a nice choice for a short vacation.

The travelling route is the same as travelling route from Petchaburi to Cha-Am. Take the same route for around 41 kilometers and turn left to Cha-Am beach. Then go straight for 500 meters, turn left at the junction to PuekTian Beach, Chaosamran Beach. Then, turn left again and follow the sign for around 22 kilometers until you arrive at PuekTian Beach. If you choose to go to PuekTian beach turn right, if not go straight for 6 more kilometres to and turn right to Chaosamran Beach.

The second route : From Petchaburi city turn left to Chaosamran Beach. This route is a lot faster than the first route.