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Catagorize: Caves
Contact: Tambon Khao Yoi, Amphoe Khao Yoi, Phetchaburi Tel. -

The Tham Khao Yoi Cave is located to the west of Khao Yoi Peak, near Khao Yoi District Office, around the 136th milestone of Highway No.4, about 22 kilometres north of Petchaburi town.

Hosted in the cave are Buddha images of various sizes and postures with the reclining Buddha as the principle Buddha image. The interior of the cave resembles those of the Tham Khao Luang Cave and Wat Khao Bandai It, both of which are located Mueang Petchaburi District. According to history, the Buddha statues have been here since a long time ago. They were renovated once by Phra Khru On, a monk from Wat Tai Talat. In addition, it is said that when King Mongkut was a monk who was going on pilgrimage, he stopped in front of Khao Yoi to practise Vipassana Meditation. He then moved into the cave and did meditation there for several nights.

Moreover, another important sacred object, i.e. the Buddha’s footprint is housed in a beautiful mandapa situated in the middle of the cave, behind the reclining Buddha. It is gilded by visitors, making it shiny gold as if it were Buddha’s golden footprint. Furthermore, many visitors bring golden coins such as two baht and fifty satang coins with them and put them into the footprint so as to pay respect to it. It is believed that those who do this will be wealthy and rich and have a lot of money and gold as if they got a real golden footprint. Additionally, there are King Uthong Statue, a snake statue located near the cave wall and Guanyin Statue.       

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