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  Khao Kho Upland Agricultural Experiment Station
Catagorize: Educational gardens

Khao Kho Upland Agricultural Experiment Station

    The station is located in Sadohpong sub-district, Khao Kho district, as a temperate-plants experiment station of Department of Agriculture, and is also a tourist attraction which opens all year round. There are numerous temperate plants such as persimmon, macadamia nut, coffee, elaeocarpus olive, lychee, passion fruit, strawberry and avocado.

    Macadamia is one of the most common temperate plants grown in Chiangmai and Petchabun. This upland plantation has 8 acres of Macadamia together with some coffee. Macadamia is an evergreen tall tree that is usually grown in high land to cover wold area. There are not so many places in Thailand that are suitable for planting macadamia. Planting coffee in multiple cropping system with macadamia and white popinac is still in the experimental stage, but its product can already be processed into very tasty coffee for people to enjoy. Not only does this station have temperate plants such as orchid, angel wings, bromeliad, delavay’s rhododendron and flamingo flower, but also numerous herbs. Khao Kho Upland Agricultural Experiment Station operates daily from 8:00-16:30 with residence and accommodation. Tourists who wish to visit the station should contact the staff one week in advance. Tent renting is also available at 250baht/4 people maximum.

    Khao Kho Upland Agricultural Experiment Station is situated in a great location, with fresh air and splendid landscape. It was renovated since, at first, it started only as an agricultural station, but later on, the government encouraged it to be a tourist attraction as well. At the moment it is ready to welcome tourists who wish to spend their leisure time at Khao Kho which has pleasant weather for all year long with 4 degrees celsius as the coldest temperature during cold season.

For more information, please contact 0 5681 0024-5.


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th