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  Sunflower Blossom on the Mountain at Bueng Sam Phan
Catagorize: Flower Field
Contact: Ban Khao Phluang and Ban Pa Yang, Tambon Sa Kaeo, Amphoe Bueng Sam Phan, Phetchabun Tel. -

The cool season in December brings blossoming sunflowers to Bueng Sam Phan, cheery blooms covering an expanse of 16 square kilometers. Bueng SamPhan area is extensive: it encompasses Ban KhaoPhluang and Ban Pa Yang village, TambonSaKaeo. In the morning, when the sunflowers begin to bloom, the mountain turns into a spectacular field, the sunlight glinting off the golden petals.

Bueng Sam Phan District Office holds an event each December, entitled“Sunflower Blossom on the Mountain at Bueng Sam Phan”. The festivities include a competition for the largest sunflower, a sunflower beauty pageant, activities to promote the preservation of sunflower seeds, and a fresh produce market.

To get there, from Phetchabun, take Highway No. 21, passing AmphoeNongPhai until you reach the intersection. At the intersection, turn left onto Highway No. 225, similar to the way to Chaiyaphum, for 18 kilometers. At Sap Bon Intersection, turn left for 14 kilometers to Ban Pa Yang.

Operating hours are 7.00 am-5.00 pm daily. 

Website: http://www.tourismthailand.org