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  Pottery Village
Catagorize: Village, Community

Pottery village is located at Kwao subdistrict, Muang district, Maha Sarakham province. It is 4kilometers away from the city. Take Highway Number 208 (Maha Sarakham – Roi Et). Then turn left and drive for 2 kilometers from Maha Sarakham city. Then drive to the east for another kilometer and then turn left, you will see the village with the pond on its east side. The soil in the pond is the best material for the villagers to use in making pottery. Villagers in this area use this soil to make pottery as a part-time job after they finish working in the rice field. This village, therefore, calls itself “Ban Moh” (The house of pottery). When they finish working in the rice field, the male villagers will dig the sticky soil under the water, place it on the boat and go back home. This sticky soil will be kept under the house. 

Villagers will bring the sticky soil to mix with the chaff of the same amount and round it into bale fruit size balls. 

Then they will dry them. Villagers call this soil as “Din Chue”. They will rub Din Chue with the prepared sticky soil and form into different pot shapes. When the sticky soil is ready, the female villagers will form it starting from the mouth. The villagers will use their hands and knees skill to round the pot’s mouth without using the round board. After that, they will use the flat stick to tighten the outer surface while another hand is rounding the soil into circle round shape called “Hin Dun”. Then they will beat Hin Dun to smooth the surface and control the thickness. Then, they will scratch 

the surface with water and liquid mud. At this stage, the making pottery is done. After that, they will place the pottery in the drying zone for 203 days. The pottery will dry and become hard. Then, they will burn them outdoor where they prepare small sticks and straw underneath the firewood. They will place the dried pottery above and prepare the straw and firewood with sufficient energy for the pottery so they will be perfectly burnt. They will not use the kilometer weighing machine. This village is where Isan villagers make a living from making pottery by using the traditional method. 


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