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  Tantod Waterfall
Catagorize: Waterfalls
Contact: Ban Non Yang, Moo 2, Non Yang subdistrict, Nhong Sung district, Tel. -

Tantod waterfall of Mukdahan province is the only waterfall and the biggest waterfall of the province. 

The word “Tod” in northeastern language means “waterfall or the big stone where the water flows” whiles the word “Ton” means “jump. Therefore, when these two words are combined, the meaning will be “the waterfall where you can jump down and play in the water”. Tantod waterfall is a single cascade waterfall where the water flows all year round. It has beautiful long slant line. The waterfall is seven meters high and 30 meters wide. There are ponds for tourists to jump in and play in 

a midst of serene nature. In late rainy season, the water is cool and clear which is best for playing. Around the waterfall area, there are karaoke, food and souvenir stalls. For those who wish to buy something back home, they can take a look at Mukdahan’s famous local products. Most people visit here in draught season so they can relax. Thus, it is normal to see 

the visitors from children to elders. Since the atmosphere is cool and serene and there are stalls providing services, this place is a real heaven on earth. 

Since Tantod waterfall of Mukdahan province is located at Ban Non Yang, Moo 2, Non Yang subdistrict, 

Nhong Sung district, the distance from Mukdahan to the waterfall is approximately 67 kilometers. It is 3 kilometers away from Nhong Sung district in the west. You can take Highway Number 2042 (Mukdahan – Kuchinarai), at 67th-68th kilometers, turn right and drive for another 400 meters. Tourists can go there easily because the waterfall is located near the district administration organization. 


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th